Selasa, 18 Januari 2011


“Money, money , money , must be funny , in a rich man’s world ”. The lyrics of a song which many of us found thought-provoking because of the world M-O-N-E-Y .It is not surprising that the mere mention of this particular word can make everybody up even when he is in deep slumber. Money makes up wealth, money keeps us alive,money brings good education. It is of immense importance, at least to every human being of modern life.

The significance of money is manifested in many aspects of our daily life, from head to toe. Money earned by a breadwinner is necessary for the basic necessities of live such as food, clothing, housing and transportation. With money, a student can acquire superior knowledge by having a good education, that is being afford to buy reading materials and completing their tertiary education. And into the bargain, some skills, in particular, art,music , sport and martial art often need money in order to be accomplished.

Although some may say, “money is not the be-all and end-all” of life, it is an untrue statement for those who live on the breadline. Have you ever seen innocent children who are homeless reaching their grubby hands out to beg for food and penny?. Such wretched condition is happening in Ethiopia, Bangladesh and India. Living in extreme poverty, the destitute suffer from food scarcities, harsh living condition and plagues. If only they have money, the world is at their feet.

In contrast, money is nothing to the rich. They have extravagant tastes and pay exorbitant prices for Porche, Louis Vuitton, a Dubai vacation and others. While the poor have not enough to eat, the rich can travel on luxurious voyages. If only these well-off people have compassion to give a little of their wealth to the needy, then there will be no famine around the world. Their generous donation can alleviate world hunger and disease.

Despite the many benefits money can bring to us, there are crimes committed due to the lure of money, namely fraud, robbery and car theft. The culprits of these offences are desperate to have money in order to get drugs, alcohol and some possessions. Thus, money in enticing if one is not a righteous person.

In my opinion, money should not be wasted in white elephants. Many young people’s minds are contaminated with he notion that branded goods have better quality. Consequently, their parents’ hard-earned money will be spent in buying them. Why not spend the money on studies and books? .It brings knowledge which is more useful for the future of the youths.

To be a wise spender, we must learn how to get the most from our money, certainly, the advantages. To have more joy in our life, we ought to involve ourselves in philanthropic work ,that is to help the needy. Every penny we give out is a beam of warm sunlight to those out there whose days and nights. Look the same – bleak! .

Chew Jea Yue

Class : 4B

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