Selasa, 18 Januari 2011


One word,

Six litters,

It take just a second to say,

It take just a corner of a page,

But what it does to this word,

Is unimaginable.

When we put B.E.S.T before it,

It will become your companion,

From here to there,

From sunrise to sunrises again,

To do this and to do that,

All the feelings are shared,



When we add F.O.R.E.V.E.R after those words,

Magic will form,

The strong bond,

The strong hands,

Holding together to face averything,

Climbing together to the peak,

Waring together to say farewell.

But in the end,

After receiving insults,brunises,injuries, misery and pain,

There’s always light to show the path,

To a place even kids have not set foot on,

A place where the blue sky is more welcoming,

A place where the green leaves are more charming,

A place where the animals are happy to see you.

Thank you,thank you BEST FRIEND FOREVER...


Aiman Izuan Bin Othaman

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