Selasa, 18 Januari 2011

Way to awake the “Hibernated Bookworm”.

Reading, no doubt is a good habit. However, health is also vital in our daily life. Nowadays, teenagers dislike sports. They prefer cooping themselves up to study than playing basketball or soccer with friends. Without realizing, they have neglected their health.

Hence, I had carried out a survey on the reasons for their lack of interest in sports and did some research on the internet. Based on my findings, the reason for their lack of interest in sports is their attitude. They do not understand how an essential sport is. They just know how to study well and pass their examination with flying colours because they were told by their parents to do so. Moreover, they do not know how to manage their time properly, consequently, they have lack of time.

In addition, parents’ influences are also the reasons for their lack of interest in sports. Parents will only emphasize on their children’s academic performance. They send their children to tuition classes, art classes and so on in order to make their sons or daughters excel in their academic.

Besides that, the facilities provided are not good enough. Students are unable to play outdoor sports such as football, basketball and so forth due to insufficient sports equipment. The poor condition of the fields and courts cause disinterest among the students. These are the reasons for their lack of interest in sports.

Here are some suggestions that can arouse their interest in sports. First of all, we must stress on the importance of sports. In order to do so, we can publish some articles about the importance of health, importance of exercises or any articles that are related to sports in our school’s blog . We can also organize more sports competitions and offer more enticing prizes to the winner.

Furthermore, we should improve the facilities. We can build more badminton or basketball courts. Besides that, we can employ some qualified trainers, too. This will attract the students to do sports. Other than that, teachers ought to have a dialogue with the students’ parents. They need to convince their parents that sports will not bring down the students’ academic performance.

“All work and no play makes Jack a. dull boy”, students must have some sports to keep them fit and healthy. Therefore, all parties must co-operate well in order to help them.

Eric Yong Wei Choong

4 B

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